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AAH Courtney Rose
Foaled April 26, 2007
AHR # 633258

AAH Courtney Rose ( Jamboree Tuxedo X Crystal Jabask ER ) This gorgeous filly is by our straight Malabar stallion, Jamboree Tuxedo, and is bred for performance. Her mother is a GG Jabask daughter out of a Khemosabi daughter out of a Port Bask granddaughter, and my 79-year-old father’s trail mount of choice. She is American-Foundation-bred (81.25%) and 64.025% CMK with a qualifying damline (her foals would be CMK if bred to a CMK stallion of 87% or higher) She has a Rodania (Blunt) damline, so her strain is Kuhaylah Rudaniyah (Kuhaylah 'Ajuz of Ibn Rudan) AAH Courtney Rose is "wild bay" in color--a bright red with very light points like her mother--and has a large blaze and 1 1/2 low hind socks. She has 25 crosses to black in the first five generations, and can produce it if bred to a black stallion. Imprinted at birth, this friendly sweetheart always nickers and comes for attention when she sees humans. Both her parents are 15-3 hands, so she should also mature over 15 hands. With these bloodlines, she would make an outstanding dressage, endurance or jumper! Offered for sale at $2500. Delivery available.

Pedigree Research by Arlene Magid: dam--Crystal Jabask ER

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