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Malabar Black Magic
Foaled April 11, 2006
AHR #626717

Malabar Black Magic - ( Jamboree Tuxedo X Blk Mgcs Nashyt )
This tall, full-bodied solid black filly features 44 crosses to black in the first five generations and is most likely homozygous. Her pedigree features 69% CMK breeding, 26% Babson, and 5% Polish. She is 95% Early American Foundation breeding, and straight Malabar. Her bloodlines include Hallany Mistanny, Ronek, San Mar Elegance, Prince Ebony, Zarife, Abu-Alla, Kubriya, Don Espada, El Reata Faraf, Stambul, Gayronek, Dunajec, Fortel, and Que Caledon. She has a Ghazieh damline, which makes her strain Kuhaylah Jallabiyah. At her first show at 5 months old, she placed 2nd in 2006 Foals! She will be retained for our Malabar preservation program after being trained under saddle, most likely dressage or hunter/jumper.

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