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AAH SakiShahn
Foaled March 9, 2002
AHR #594642
AAH SakiShahn - AHR #594642 - (Bey Shahn X BT Yasaki) This personable young lady has it all: great looks, sweet disposition, wonderful conformation, and a who's who pedigree. A Bey Shah granddaughter, she also carries excellent Spanish lines (Sacudir and Galero, with three crosses to Congo) and Egyptian lines (Ansata Shah Zaman and Ibn Moniet El Nefous, with four crosses to Nazeer). An unusual lavender color with chestnut accents now, she will be a pretty gray like her mother. Imprinted at birth, SakiShahn has been handled extensively and will do anything for a good neck-scratching! Gold-Star Futurity. Sold to Wolf Keller of Velvet Morning Farm. Congratulations, Wolf!