Straight Malabars

Blk Mgcs Nashyt AHR #528258 - foaled 2-22-1996 (Blk Mgc Challenger X Blk Mgcs Sabrina) This tall flashy black mare features 18 crosses to black in the first four generations with 67% CMK breeding, 24% Babson, and 9% Polish. She is 91% Early American Foundation breeding, and straight Malabar. Her bloodlines include Hallany Mistanny, Ronek, San Mar Elegance, Prince Ebony, Zarife, Abu-Alla, Kubriya, Don Espada, El Reata Faraf, Stambul, Dunajec, Fortel, and Que Caledon. She has a Ghazieh damline, which makes her strain Kuhaylah Jallabiyah. To date, she has produced all black offspring, including a solid black straight Malabar performance filly by our 15-3h homozygous black straight Malabar stallion Jamboree Tuxedo in April 2006, Malabar Black Magic. Offered for sale at $3000--price could include a breeding to either of our black straight Malabar performance stallions. Contact Colleen Stowe - 1-515-462-2594, located in Des Moines, IA

AS Boaz AHR #494913 - foaled March 5, 1993 (Malabar Ibn Duke X Malabar Tiffany) 14.3 hand black stallion. 100%
Early American Foundation and straight Malabar. He has the greatest disposition I have seen and it is very hard to sell him, but we have not used him as a stud for 3 years now. Since he is not saddle broke he is just standing around here. We all love him and hate to see him go, but we want to get down to 5-8 horses and have decided silver dapple QHs are what we are going to keep. He has lived with us since he was a yearling and has bred by hand and pasture. He lets mares and foals run with him and doesn't bother unless the mare is in. He is very good with the foals as well. He has been handled by me almost totally and although he lets men handle him as well, he much prefers women. We are asking $3500 for him. Pedigree at Current pictures at
Contact Vernell Schutte, Verdon, NE

BKA Jaxs Diamond AHR #499887 - foaled June 20, 1993 (Malabar Blackjax X Maishas Jull) 100% Malabar. Very gentle proven stallion, very black and all of his ancestors are black but we have bred him to a couple of paints and he also throws color. Due to my illnesss - we have not ridden him but he should be an easy break for someone. Will sacrifice price due to my liver issues. Located in Fort Atkinson, WI. Contact Pat Rockstroh

Malabar Related (50% or higher)

AAH Black Dynamo AHR #622218 - Foaled April 15, 2007
( Malabar Denmark X Foxie Nite )
50% Malabar This showy black colt is an awesome cross of a straight Malabar performance stallion on a heavily Crabbet-Maynesboro-Kellogg bred mare, which gives him a wonderful laid-back people-loving personality with athleticism, type, and an outstanding full-bodied conformation. His dam sports the rare white lacing pattern on her back, along with scattered rabicano spots for a truly unique look, and Dynamo may also develop the lacing which usually appears between ages two and five. Dynamo is 90.0390625% Early American Foundation breeding. His bloodlines include Fadl, Gayr, Abu Farwa, Roda, Zarife, Bagdad, Hallany Mistanny, Asadd, Morafic, Garaff, and Shaikh Al Badi. He boasts 20 crosses to black in the first five generations and may be homozygous for black. Dynamo's damline is Urfah, so his strain is Saqlawi Al'Abd. Imprinted and handled extensively since birth, this gorgeous boy is very easy to work with, and will excel in both the show ring and the breeding shed! Take him home to start your own black performance program! He is a steal at $2500! Delivery available. Contact Colleen Stowe - 1-515-462-2594, located in Des Moines, IA

AAH Courtney Rose AHR #633258 - Foaled April 26, 2007
( Jamboree Tuxedo X Crystal Jabask ER ) 50% Malabar This gorgeous filly is by our straight Malabar stallion, Jamboree Tuxedo, and is bred for performance. Her mother is a GG Jabask daughter out of a Khemosabi daughter out of a Port Bask granddaughter, and my 79-year-old father’s trail mount of choice. She is American-Foundation-bred (81.25%) and 64.025% CMK with a qualifying damline (her foals would be CMK if bred to a CMK stallion of 87% or higher) She has a Rodania (Blunt) damline, so her strain is Kuhaylah Rudaniyah (Kuhaylah 'Ajuz of Ibn Rudan) AAH Courtney Rose is "wild bay" in color--a bright red with very light points like her mother--and has a large blaze and 1 1/2 low hind socks. She has 25 crosses to black in the first five generations, and can produce it if bred to a black stallion. Imprinted at birth, this friendly sweetheart always nickers and comes for attention when she sees humans. Both her parents are 15-3 hands, so she should also mature over 15 hands. With these bloodlines, she would make an outstanding dressage, endurance or jumper! Offered for sale at $2500. Delivery available. Contact Colleen Stowe - 1-515-462-2594, located in Des Moines, IA

AS Excalibur AHR #626715 - Foaled April 4, 2006 ( Black As Night X SS Kalila ) This fancy black 50% Malabar colt is an awesome cross of a heavily Crabbet-Maynesboro-Kellogg/Babson bred stallion with an Adhem sireline on a straight Malabar mare, which gives him a wonderful trainable people-loving personality with intelligence, athleticism, and type. He is the first baby up to the humans (ANY humans!) for attention! His bloodlines include Adhem, Serafix, Raffles, Hallany Mistanny, Stambul, Ronek, Abu Farwa, Prince Ebony, Malabar Duke, and numerous crosses to Fadl, Zarife, and Fadjur. He boasts 22 crosses to black in the first five generations and may be homozygous for black. Excalibur's damline is Abeyah, so his strain is Abayyan Sharrak. This gorgeous boy will excel in both performance (both parents are great trail horses) and breeding! Already trained to lead, tie, bathe, trailer, and pick his feet up for the farrier, he has been sacked out and exposed to all sorts of scary things including tarps, slickers, and noisy plastic bags. At the 2006 Audubon AHSI Show, he took 1st in 2006 Foals! Take him home and let him starting bringing home the ribbons for you! $2500 Contact Colleen Stowe - 1-515-462-2594, located in Des Moines, IA Sale pending

AS Jalisa AHR #618615 - foaled 3-27-2005 (Malabar Ibn Duke X AS Juliana Spats) Cute typey bay filly who is 1/2 Malabar breeding. American Foundation bred (88.28125% American Foundation bloodlines, 78% Early American Foundation) 69.140625% CMK, 14.0625% Babson, 12.5% New Egyptian, 4.296875% Polish) Her dam is a Spatts daughter (Spatts is a black stallion with a LOT of chrome by Focus Khemali out of an Ansata Ibn Halima granddaughter) out of a mostly CMK mare. Halter broke and handled daily, very friendly and loves attention. Current on vaccinations and worming. $2500 Consideration given to show home. Contact Art Sears - 1-785-742-3909, located in Hiawatha, KS

AS Shadow AHR #544031 - foaled 5-18-1997 - ( Malabar Ibn Duke X Myra Fancy ) 75% Malabar. Pretty black sweet mare, proven black producer & color producer when bred to paint stallion! Excellent mom! Bargain for the starter color breeder! 14.1 Hands. Sweet personality. Would be a gem under saddle, has been ridden twice by owners and grandchildren and never offered to buck or misbehave. Sells as a 2-in-1 package, in foal for April 2007 to HF Moulin Rouge (Immell x Akyisha by El Matrabb) straight Egyptian stallion. Great bargain for the starter color breeder! Owner selling all of their Non-Egyptians. Contact Letta Smith - - 1-636-597-4023 Located in Bosworth, MO

Prince Malabar AHR #582951 - foaled 3-23-2001 (AS Nile King X AS Shadow) Black gelding. 87.5% Malabar. Sweet disposition, gentle young riding horse, Over 120 days training. Children's favorite! 14.3 H Great opportunity...owner must sell soon. Good home a must! Contact Letta Smith - - 1-636-597-4023 Located in Bosworth, MO

MD Vesuvius AHR #560475 - foaled 6-2-1998 ( Malabar Denmark X Kay-Rasfncyfay-Ra ) Bay gelding. 50% Malabar breeding, his barn name is Casey. He is quiet yet spirited. He has been ridden quite a bit on trails and some beach riding. Coming along on his neck reining. Will make an excellent youth mount. Easy to catch, loves attention. Doesn't kick or bite. Loads and ties well. Was stabled before I got him and doesn't like being a herd horse although he gets along well with other horses. My daughter has ridden him on the trails bareback with just the halter and lead. My son jumps up on him out in the field and rides him around without even a halter. After a nine mile ride Casey is always ready to do the loop again. Great stamina. Casey's sire was successfully shown both English and Western, and is straight Malabar. His grandsire on the dam's side is the stunning Pure Polish stallion Druzba who raced in Poland before being imported to the US. $2500 Contact Rae Smith at Seven Cedars Arabians - - 1-360-631-9157 or 1-360-631-9159, located in Darrington, Washington

MD-Kayras-Spirit AHR #601210 - foaled 5-27-2002 ( Malabar Denmark X Kay-Rasfncyfay-Ra ) Gray gelding. 50% Malabar breeding. Sweet personality, great disposition. Spirit has been through a weekend Colt Starting Parelli class, + 30 days of Level 1 training, going well under saddle. He is smart, confident & has lots of potential. He is ready to go into any direction you wish to take him. $3500 Contact Kris Simas - - 1-831-206-2835, located in Hollister, California

Malabar Cousins (49% or lower)